A spacious villa in beautiful surroundings complete with a luxurious infinity pool. Perfect for bringing families and friends together for some quality time and memorable experiences.


The Vision & Purpose

The Vision

Our vision is a simple one that can be summed up in four words – Relax, Rejuvenate, Rediscover, Rejoice. From the inception of EOS Villa, we desired to create a place where people could come together for a real sense of wellbeing and leave all the stresses of everyday life behind.

Are you looking for a Private villa in Santorini where you and the rest of your group can take time to be in the moment and gain a stronger sense of self from your surroundings? Are you searching for a Wedding venue in Santorini to host a wedding reception, an anniversary party venue in Santorini, a yoga retreat place in Santorini, a family reunion place in Santorini OR are you looking to organize an incentive trip in Santorini where your business associates can come together and discover each other? If so, you should definitely book a stay at EOS Villa. We know you will not be disappointed.

On the other hand, if you crave a more hectic holiday where you cram in lots of activities and party too hard, then EOS Villa is not the place for you! We know it may seem strange that we are actively discouraging potential guests from making a booking but the truth is we understand that our villa and our vision is not for everyone … and that’s okay with us.

It would be a very boring world if we all desired the same things out of life!
Or to put it another way….

“Nothing exists except atoms and empty space; everything else is opinion” ~ Democritus

The Purpose



As EOS Villa can very comfortably sleep 18 and extend to accommodate 30 guests if required, it is perfect for bringing large groups of friends, families or even business associates together.  It is centrally located and within easy distance of an abundance of shops and restaurants.  This is one of the reasons why we decided to make it a self-catering establishment.  That and we wanted to offer our guests as much flexibility as possible to enjoy their stay in their own way without being restricted by dining schedules.

We do however, make provision for breakfast which can be ordered and delivered straight to the villa as desired.  Our very attractive menu includes a wide range of local produce from Santorini including carefully selected hot and cold beverages as well as organic honey and jam.

The outside area includes a small private garden with a large pool deck surrounding an incredible infinity-edge swimming pool.  This ample space is perfect for coming together as a group and making the most of the beautiful Santorini weather.

For more information, please visit Our Features section.

Included within EOS Villa is a multi-purpose Function Room which enables our guests to go beyond booking a holiday if they wish.  For example, it can be used to host a special celebration (wedding reception, anniversary etc) as well as a yoga or fitness retreat.

With its tranquil setting, a stay at EOS Villa is ideally suited to those who are looking to leave the stresses of everyday behind and simply live in the moment.  This is why Our Vision is a simple one – Relax, Rejuvenate, Rediscover, Rejoice.

Those looking to party to excess need not apply!



Whilst we do not organize events ourselves, we are happy to pass on our local knowledge, should you wish to arrange an event yourself.   We will do our upmost to secure you the best deals and help in any way we can – all free of charge.

We can also assist in providing suggestions for things to see and do during your stay in Santorini as well as our favourite places to eat.  Of course, you may prefer to discover these things for yourself and that is fine with us!


To gain the maximum benefit from your stay at EOS Villa AND the best price, we recommend that you book the villa in its entirety for the optimum number of up to 18 guests. This will afford you sole use of the stunning infinity-edge pool as well as the Function Room for the duration of your stay.


We are pleased to be able to accommodate larger groups up to 30 guests.


We use a smart pricing model that makes the villa very attractive even for smaller groups of 8 persons. So, yes you can book affordably the entire villa even for that number of persons.


For further details on all of the accommodation options available and to check availability please visit The Space.

Relax Rejuvenate Rediscover Rejoice