A spacious villa in beautiful surroundings complete with a luxurious infinity pool. Perfect for bringing families and friends together for some quality time and memorable experiences.


About Us


My name is Eleni Selina and I first visited Santorini 3 years ago, one very very windy February day, and almost instantly I have fallen in love with its beautiful surroundings while hiking on narrow paths. Ok I will not lie…the food was amazing too.

My favorite pleasure is to be outside, preferably on a sunny day, having breakfast and reading Sunday’s newspapers. That is a truly bliss

I love spending time with my friends and I keep trying new activities such as horse-riding, hiking, rowing, yoga. A few months ago, I was introduced to Pilates’ reformer bed as well as to TRX and I am very fond of them. Also, recently I wanted to do something more creative –rather than just visiting painting exhibitions- so I had some pottery courses, and it is amazing how fulfilled one can feel while gazing upon something that he/she created.

George Damigos

Having been born and raised on the island of Santorini from parents that are both islanders for many generations makes me feel homesick when I leave Santorini to go elsewhere. Fortunately I am a complex soul so other parts of me are very much curious and travel-oriented so they compensate for my tendency to feel homesick. Yes, I love travelling! I am impressed by the richness, beauty and wisdom that exists outside my small island and I take every opportunity in order to dive into it and explore every small rock every hidden dweller of this planet.. Like when you scuba dive and you are in a state of awe! Isn’t there ugliness and misery and darkness out there? Yes as well! But I believe that travelling can help you understand why this darkness exists in such a beautiful world!

A person needs a little madness, or else they never dare cut the rope and be free

Apart from travelling which is a big deal for me, I like reading and philosophizing.. By the latter I mean exploring ideas and their relevance. I am also a French enthusiast so I often listen to French Radio or reading French newspapers and books.

Yiorgos Linardopoulos

I was born in 1981 in a small village close to Ancient Olympia in Peloponnese. I grew up there and I moved to Athens for my studies in Athens University of Economics and Business. I am a graduate of management. What is the reason why I decided to move to Santorini? My wife! I am married and I have a son and a daughter. I am working for Villa Ilias as operation manager since 2014 and I love to create the best conditions for our guest. I speak Greek (my mother tongue) and English.

A great man is always willing to be little

My interests are Family, travelling, gardening, football, reading, music. I particularly like Scorpions, Bob Marley, Yanni, Vagelis Papathanasiou, Vasilis Papakonstantinou, Yanis Parios, Ernest Heminway, Tony Strong (pseudonyms Anthony Cappela or J P Delaney), Pinelopi Delta, Evgenios Trivizas and I like psychological thrillers.