Function Room

In developing Enosi Villa, we were very keen to include an additional space that would further encourage our guests to make full use of their time together.  We are very excited to unveil our all-new multi-purpose Function Room which is a feature of Enosi Villa (not available when booking Syminia Villa only).   The room is more than 100m2, providing ample space in which a large group can come together.  For added convenience, the villa facilities include two separate toilets that are accessible to visitors who may be attending a celebration or event being held in the Function Room.

We are delighted to say that the Function Room is proving to be very popular.  Since its introduction, we have been pleased to facilitate a wedding reception, yoga retreat and special anniversary party.  We are looking forward to seeing how those that book a stay at Enosi Villa make use of this facility in the future.

What will you use it for?

Coming Soon

As part of our commitment to adapt and evolve in response to feedback, we are currently working on a project that will offer even more opportunities to make full use of the Function Room.  It is our intention to offer the capability of transforming this space so that it can be used for five independent purposes as required:

  • Two additional bedrooms
  • A presentation room for those that would like to use Enosi Villa for a work event
  • Yoga room
  • A place to ‘hang out’ and come together as a group
  • A separate dining room

We hope to be able to offer this additional flexibility soon.

If you have a specific purpose in mind that you cannot see here, contact us and we will do our very best to accommodate your requirements.